You've been making pizza wrong this whole time! Here are 3 delicious ways you should be enjoying those slices. For more DIY and recipe videos, subscribe to the Kin Community YouTube channel:

3 Delicious Ways to Make Pizza

1. Grilled Naan Pizza Bites

Naan pizza bites are lighter than traditional pizza dough and perfect for a quick bite. Click here to download the Prosciutto, Plum, and Burrata Flatbread recipe and video tutorial.


2. Puff Pastry Pizza Tart

If you're a fan of fluffy pizza crust, then puff pastry dough pizza is perfect for you! Click here to download the Fig Jam, Burrata, Peaches, and Prosciutto  recipe and video tutorial. This pizza only requires four ingredients and takes 30 minutes to cook... it doesn't get easier than that!


3. Rosemary Pizza Bread

If you love your pizza with minimal sauce, then give this Rosemary Pizza Bread a try. Click here to download the recipe and video tutorial.