Check out these 3 ways to style a console table for any space! Learn how to transform a boring table into an entryway statement piece, a glam vanity, or a boozy bar table. For more DIY and recipe ideas, subscribe to our YouTube channel:

3 Ways To Style A Console Table

1. Entry Table

Transform your console into an entryway table that reflects your unique personality! Begin by hanging a stylish mirror above the console. Mirrors are decorative yet practical, you can't go wrong with this piece! Lay a bold rug in front of the console to add a pop of color and brighten your space. Incorporate a variety of textures by adding a faux fur bench and accessories of varying shapes and sizes. Front entryways say a lot about your style and character, make sure all of the accessories reflect your individuality.


2. Vanity Table

You may not have your very own glam squad, but who says you can't have a superstar set up? Hang a voguish mirror above your console to reflect your inner diva. Place a colorful rug underneath the console and add a retro stool that's comfortable and trendy. Once your set up is complete, it's time to add your beauty essentials and jewelry!


3. Bar Table

This spin-off of a bar cart is a fun way to display your boozy accoutrements. First, hang a bright and swanky piece of art above your console to set the mood. Then, stock up on your favorite wine, spirits, bar tools, ice bucket, and of course don't forget the bubbly!