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Don't have enough time to clean your house up after your kids before guests come over? Here are 4 toy organization hacks for when you're in a hurry! Subscribe to Quick Fix: http://bit.ly/TMQuickFix

4 Toy Organization Hacks

4 Toy Organization Hacks

1. Invest in storage furniture. Tables with hidden compartments or drawers are a great way to store clutter and keep the house looking clean!

2. Keep a select amount of toys in the living room. Grab a decorative basket and keep some of your kid’s toys within reach. This makes for quick and easy clean up too!

3. Sorting bins are a math skill for preschoolers. Use sorting bins to make cleaning up the living room a fun game.

4. Multiple plush toys can be packed into one bin. Find a large decorative storage bin you love and put them out of sight to clear clutter.

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