Check out these 4 Ways To Incorporate Nature Into Your Home and add a little greenery to your space. For more DIY and recipe ideas, subscribe to our YouTube channel:

4 Ways To Incorporate Nature Into Your Home

1) Make a terrarium

Terrariums are all of the rage and a great way to bundle up all of your favorite greenery in one! Click here to learn how to make air plant terrariums that can hang from the ceiling or as a decorative accent piece.

2) Add decorative flower pots and planters

Marbled flower pots are a great way to add a splash of color to your gorgeous greenery. If you don't have extra floor or table space for a full size pot, then this hanging planter is the perfect solution! Hanging planters are perfect for displaying gorgeous flowers without taking up an precious floor space.

3) Hang floral garlands

If taking care of live plants seems like a daunting task, then go the synthetic route. Hanging paper flower garlands look like the real deal with half of the maintenance. Pro tip: hang this garland above your bed as a make shift headboard.

4) Burn cedar wood incense cones

If you love the smell of the great outdoors, try out these DIY incense cones. Not only do they smell like fresh cedar wood, but the therapeutic benefits help rid your space of negative energy.