Here are 8 basic cooking skills you need to know if you want to consider yourself a master chef in the kitchen. For more recipe ideas, subscribe to our YouTube channel:

8 Basic Cooking Skills You Need To Know

1. How to separate garlic

Whether you're trying to keep vampires away or truly like the taste, everyone ought to know how to separate this tiny vegetable. Learn how to separate and peel garlic here.

2. How to cook spaghetti

Watch how easy cooking al dente spaghetti can be here!

3. How to slice watermelon

Click here to perfect your watermelon slicing technique.

4. How to scramble eggs

Click here to learn how to make foolproof scrambled eggs and get them perfect on the first try every time!

5. How to knead dough

To learn this technique, click here and watch a pro show you the ropes.

6. How to segment fruit

Click here to learn how to segment fruit without slicing all the way through fruit.

7. How to cut an avocado

Avocados are a staple food in everyone's diets these days. Learn how to cut an avocado the right way here.

8. How to frost a cake

It doesn't matter if you love chocolate or vanilla icing, you should probably learn how to ice a cake at some point in your life. Click here for the full chocolatey tutorial.