Colors have a profound affect on your mood and thoughts. They have the ability to energize, soothe, and bring about a sense of calmness to your home. To help create a space that’s uniquely yours, Kin Community is proud to announce its partnership with Valspar Paint. March is National Color Therapy Month, and we are excited to help you make a change that will better yourself and transform your space with just the stroke of a paintbrush!

Color Therapy For Your Home | Sponsored by Valspar Paint

What Is Color Therapy?

Color therapy is a holistic healing technique that uses the combination of light and color to alter a person’s mood, mental, and physical state. Each color has a unique set of characteristics that affect the energy and rhythms within our bodies.


Find Your Inspiration

Valspar has curated a collection of 12 trending colors to help you infuse color therapy in your everyday life. Valspar’s Colors of the Year are fresh yet familiar as they are inspired by various lifestyle influences that surround you.

Check out all 12 trending colors on Valspar’s YouTube channel, or get the inspiration you need to incorporate color therapy into your home with our three color spotlights below!

Photo courtesy of Valspar 2017 Colors of the Year



Vivid Ultramarine Blue

In the age of self-enrichment and discovery, we’ve all got our eye on betterment. This crisp tone stimulates the mind, bringing you fresh energy and encouragement to get out there and try it all. Dive into the energy of this color as a backdrop for warm wood, rich leather and graphic accents and see how livable it can be.

Paint color by Valspar at Ace: Blueprint VR028A, Lowe’s: Vivid Blue 4006-10C, Independent Retailers: Blueprint V035-3



Baked Terracotta

The balance of orange and red with just a hint of brown brings instant warmth to a room and sets the mood for conversation and connection. It's the perfect choice for gathering places like dining rooms and entryways and pairs perfectly with warm woods, burnished metals and botanical accents.

Paint color by Valspar at Ace: Red Maple VR036A, Lowe’s: Autumn Russet 2009-6, Independent Retailers: Red Maple VR036A



Airy Luminous Yellow

This luminous yellow feels like warm sun rays, stimulating all five senses and uplifting spirits. Use it to create your happy place whether that be a nursery, dining nook or crafting area. Pair it with pops of black and white for playful sophistication.

Paint color by Valspar at Ace: Dear Melissa VR042E, Lowe’s: Daisy Spell 3007-4B, Independent Retailers: Dear Melissa V054-1


For more tips and ideas, check out this new video from DIY and lifestyle experts Andy and Candis of Old Home Love to see how they used color therapy to transform their home, along with 12 videos on how to use each color from Valspar’s 2017 collection!

Ready to paint your life in new shades of optimism and tranquility?  Find the perfect color for you and get Valspar’s free color chips delivered right to your home.