If you're a fashionista, an ordinary closet simply won't do. Learn how to create your dream closet that doubles as a dressing room in your own home! For more DIY and recipe ideas, subscribe to our YouTube channel: http://bit.ly/BlogSubs

How To Create Your Dream Closet

1. Spray paint rolling rack gold

Rolling racks are a great alternative storage space if you don't have a large closet. Add a little pizzaz by spray painting it gold, this will give your dressing room a luxurious feel.


2. Add fun wallpaper

Blank walls are boring. Pick out your favorite wallpaper print and plaster it onto your wall to set the tone.


3. Add an accent rug

Accent rugs are a perfect way to pull a room together. Choose either a rug with a bold design or made from unique materials.


4. Straw baskets and a touch of fur

Straw storage baskets and fur accents are a great way to mix and match textures. This will make your dressing room look like it popped right out of a mall.


5. Full length mirror and mood lighting

Of course no dressing room is complete without a larger than life full-length mirror. Hang a cool lantern or lamp above the mirror to set the mood.


6. Hooks and shelves for accessories

Tangled jewelry is every girl's worst nightmare! Keep your accessories knot-free and organized in hanging shelves or wall hooks.