Six easy ways to store garlic to make the most out of your cloves for months to come. For more recipe videos, subscribe to the Kin Community YouTube channel:

Easy Ways to Store Garlic

1) Store in a dry dark place.

Garlic can last for months if stored properly.

2) Never store in a closed plastic bag.

It’s important that garlic receive continuous airflow so it doesn’t mold. Store in a mesh bowl, paper bag, or part of a cardboard egg carton.

3) Don’t expose garlic to light.

Light will cause the garlic to sprout creating a more bitter flavor.

4) Store in olive oil.

Place the garlic clove pieces in a mason jar or container and cover with olive oil. To prevent bacteria from growing, don’t store the garlic and olive oil mixture at room temperature.

5) Store already minced in the freezer.

Place minced garlic in ice cube trays and cover with either olive oil or melted butter. Once they’re frozen store in a plastic bag in the freezer.

6) Freeze in a bag to use later.

If you don’t plan to use your garlic soon, store in the freezer. The garlic will last up to six months.