Ever wonder what foods U.S. Presidents crave? See if you have any of the same favorite foods as these seven Presidents. For more recipe and DIY videos, subscribe to the Kin Community YouTube channel: http://bit.ly/BlogSubs

Favorite Foods of U.S. Presidents


Had an oyster feast for his 42nd birthday. Click here to learn how to shuck an oyster at home and dine like President Roosevelt.


FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT - 32nd President

Served hot dogs to the Queen and King of England on June 11, 1939 while picnicking in Hyde Park. Whether you're a hot dog or brat fan, these Wisconsin Style Beer Brats will change your world!


RICHARD NIXON - 37th President

Ate meatloaf at least once a month. Another Nixon favorite was cottage cheese covered in ketchup. If you love homemade meatloaf but are ready to take it ot the next tasty level, then you must-try this Bourguignon Meatloaf recipe!


JIMMY CARTER - 39th President

Could be caught enjoying eggs and grits. During his presidency the White House served its fair share of Southern style food. If you like eggs, grits, and sausage, then this Eggs and Grits recipe is right up your alley.


RONALD REAGAN - 40th President

Had a sweet spot for chocolate cake. His sweet tooth was so big, at his inauguration over three tons of jelly beans were consumed! If you think your sweet tooth can rival that of President Reagan's then you won't be able to resist these 5 Desserts Every Sweet Tooth Will Love, if those don't do the trick than this Flourless Chocolate Cake ought to.


GEORGE H.W. BUSH - 41st President

Friends say his true love is popcorn. Jazz up ordinary microwave popcorn with this Sweet & Spicy Popcorn recipe.


BARACK OBAMA - 44th President

Loves a good chili! He's been making a special chili recipe since college that he says, "will clear your sinuses." If you love a flavorful chili, then you must try this Pumpkin Chili.