Monochromatic decor is using one color in varying shades. It's a simple yet sophisticated way to decorate your space if you're in need of a little design inspiration. See how you can incorporate this interior design trend into your home. For more DIY and recipe ideas, subscribe to our YouTube channel:

Home Decor: Monochromatic

How To Add Monochromatic Decor Into Your Home:

1. Create Palette & Layer

Start with a base color, then choose lighter and darker shades to layer. Pro tip: go for a lighter duvet cover for a warm and inviting bed, and darker carpets to help anchor the room. Certain colors evoke different feelings and reactions. Blue is a calming restful cool tone, making it perfect for your bedroom.

2. Accent Color

Use pops of color to draw attention to certain areas of a room. Pro tip: white walls and ceilings make smaller spaces appear larger. Wood or metal accessories can also be used as more subtle, chic accents. Incorporate fresh plants or artwork as additional accents.

3. Texture

Add visual variety with textures instead of using many colors. For a warm feeling use wool, knit, or wood textures. Balance hard textures, such as metal, with softer textures like sheepskin. Remember to use this texture principle in moderation, you don't want you space to become too busy!

4. Mix & Match Patterns

Ground patterns on a more neutral based floor or rug. Pick bold patterns to add a contrasting element. Additions of white help tone down patterns that could be overwhelming.