Which style decade do you belong in? Follow the brief history of jeans and learn how your favorite pair of pants has evolved over the years. For more DIY and recipe ideas, subscribe to our YouTube channel:

Jeans – Then & Now

1873 - Workman Jeans

Workman Jeans, by Levi Strauss, came into vogue. This signature pant is loose through the hip and thigh, ideal for work or play, providing comfort all day long. The metal rivets on the pocket and fly provide functionality, making this a popular pair of jeans among farmers and miners because of its durability.


1930's - Western Jeans

This iconic pair of pants was the first of its kind created solely for women! Pair these jeans with a plaid shirt and boots to really give your look a Western vibe.


1950's - Pop Culture Jeans

This pivotal decade was the beginning of jeans and youth culture. These jeans are cuffed straight cut and have extra large pockets with thick outlined stitching. James Dean often rocked a pair of these pants with his infamous leather jacket.


1960's/70's - Hippie Jeans

These hip hugger bell bottoms were the quintessential '60s and '70s pant. The colorful personalized embroidery and patchwork commonly found on hippie jeans is now making a comeback in todays jean designs.


1980's - Designer Denim

Calvin Klein jeans were becoming more popular with their straight cut and ripped yet sophisticated designs.


1990's - Baggy Jeans

The 90's jeans could go one of two ways: mom jeans or super saggy. Mom jeans are famously known for their super high waist, accentuating your behind. Baggy jeans are mid-rise pants with an extremely loose fit, causing the materials to "sag" or fall to the ground.


2000's - Skinny Jeans

After the baggy jeans era, denim did a three-sixty and became super tight fitted. Super skinny cut jeans are form fitting, accentuate your figure, and are becoming more popular incorporating the distressed jean look of the 80's.