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Lilly Singh & Tia Mowry On How To Start a YouTube Channel

Tips On How To Start A YouTube Channel:

1. YouTubers set their own pace. Budgeting and pacing go hand in hand, because time is money! Use your time and money wisely and plan ahead for shoots to be successful.

2. Anyone can have a YouTube channel. YouTube is an amazing platform for diversity so embrace what makes you, you!

3. You have to earn every view. Find your brand and stick to it. People want to see people like them so be real and that will connect you with the audience that is perfect for you.

4. Enjoy YouTube’s instant feedback. You hold the power to create and publish content on your own schedule and timeframe, so move as quickly or slowly as you’d like!

5. Some people will never get YouTube. This platform is still seen as the “underdog” to traditional media, so don’t be afraid to explain it to people!

6. You own your own content. One of the major perks of being a YouTuber is that anything you create, you own! All the work you put in directly benefits you and your brand or channel. You are irreplaceable.

7. Read your comments and respond. Create a community for your viewers and it will only grow!

Lilly Singh Tia Mowry YouTube Tips

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