Grab your yarn, it's time for a pom pom party! Here are 5 cool and unique ways to use pom poms. Purchase the materials you need for this project here:

How to Make and Use Pom Poms!

As it turns out, pom poms are incredibly easy to make! Pretty much all you need is yarn and something to wrap it around, whether that's a fork, a piece of cardboard, or a pom pom maker! Here are some fun and trendy ways to turn your new yarn addiction into the perfect gift or accessory!

1. Earrings
We've been seeing this one all over Pinterest, but were shocked when we saw how much they can cost! Here's how to get the fun and cheeky look for under $10:

  1. Use a small metal jewelry hoop to connect a small piece of chain to your longer pom pom tassel.
  2. Use another hoop to connect an earring post and viola, you're done!

2. Bag Tassel
Looking to up your tote bag game? Pom poms will make your carry-all the prettiest bag at the market.

  1. take three long equa-length strands of yarn and tightly braid them, securly knotting at either end.
  2. Use the same small jewelry hoops to thread through the braid and tie on the pom poms using remander tassels.

3. Shoe accessory
This one is not for the timid of footwear, but it's totally adorable and perfect for a sunny brunch look. It really needs needs no instructions, just using the remaining tassel to tie onto your favorite espadrilles or gladiator sandals to put a lil more pom pom pep in your step!

4. Pillows

It's strange but true: all throw pillows look cuter with pom poms. Simply sew a jewelry hoop onto your desired location and thread the tassel through to attach! We recommend making a great big one to add to the face of a pillow or four small-medium size ones to put on the four corners!

5. Wall Art

This is a super fun DIY and would make a great decoration for something intimate like a baby shower or even a permanent addition to your craft nook!

  1. Go for a lovely neighborhood stroll and locate a small but sturdy stick.
  2. Wash the stick and tie one a strand of twine on either end for it to hang from.
  3. Tie pom poms onto your stick using additional twine and the remaining tassel wherever desired!