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Meet the faces behind the wildly successful YouTube channel ModaMob, Ani and Nora. Ani and Nora have been working together for eleven years and counting, creating fashion and beauty videos. Get an insider look at their spacious homes and personal style! For more videos, subscribe to the Kin Community YouTube channel: http://bit.ly/BlogSubs

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Coming from different childhood backgrounds...

Growing up in a somewhat strict household, Nora was disciplined to keep the house clean and wasn't allowed to wear her shoes on the carpet. Now that she's out of her parents' house, Nora is the complete opposite of her mom's clean tendencies.

Ani grew up in a comfortable apartment and shared a room with her two older brothers. At the time Ani hated sharing a bedroom, but looking back she realizes how that brought her and her brothers close together.


To decorating their spaces with their own unique aesthetics...

Ani's entire home color scheme revolves around different shades of grey, white, and blue. Black and white prints line the staircase documenting all of the amazing places Ani has traveled to, and are slowly being replaced with baby pictures. To accommodate her makeup collection, Ani has converted her guest bedroom in a mini makeup studio.

Nora's most "her" area is her living room and kitchen. Like Ani, Nora has travel pictures hung in her living room, and the goal is to one day fill the entire wall! Nora's bedroom design is loud and full of life, just like her.


And working together for eleven years and counting...

Nora and Ani film their YouTube videos in Nora's spare room. The two love going to furniture stores and searching for cute new decor. The white, mixed metals, and blush tones in their studio space reflect their personalities.

"Pinterest is your best friend when you are decorating!" - Nora


Nora and Ani have been working together for over a decade and are no longer just friends, but family.

"It's different when you work with your best friend. It doesn't feel like work- it feels like we're just hanging out all day laughing and coming up with great fun ideas!" - Ani