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Tia Mowry and Cory Hardrict Marriage Q&A

Tips on Successful Marriage from Tia and her husband, Cory:
1. Always forgive. Everyone makes mistakes and you have to be willing to forgive each other!
2. Uplift your significant other and celebrate the little things- even if that only means saying thank you for doing the dishes or taking out the trash. Every little bit counts!
3. Never go to sleep angry with each other.
4. Communicate as much and as clearly as possible.
5. Keep the spark alive by continuing to woo and date each other! Dress up, go out just the two of you, and spend quality time together.
6. Find balance in your relationship. Don’t forget about your own needs, wants, and aspirations. You have to be happy and take care of yourself (sometimes this means being a little selfish) and that will translate into being a great mom and wife.