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Tia Mowry gets real about the differences between pregnancy number one and number two. See where Tia plans on sharing her baby girl’s name and is introducing her first! Subscribe to Quick Fix: http://bit.ly/TMQuickFix

Tia Mowry’s Second Baby vs. First Baby Pregnancy Update

Just like each baby is unique, so is each pregnancy. Tia breaks down the things she has learned from comparing pregnancy #1 and #2.

Seasickness bands make a great cure (and stylish wardrobe accessory according to Tia) for pregnancy nausea! They are a great natural option to help with morning sickness.

Embrace the roller coaster of cravings and emotions! Whether that means sipping pickle juice straight out of the jar, or crying through a horror movie in the theater, learn to love the quirks that come along with each pregnancy.

Save your money. There are so many unnecessary things that new parents are told they “need” but if you stick to the necessities, you’ll be just fine. Take it back to the basics because sometimes less really is more!

Keep your lips zipped when it comes to your baby’s name. Everyone and their mother is going to have an opinion about it, and that can be overwhelming! Pick a name you love and share it with everyone once the baby is born.

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