Tia Mowry's Quick Fix


Believe in your #selfie! Here are Tia's five tips for taking a flawless selfie. Subscribe to Quick Fix: http://bit.ly/TMQuickFix

Tia Mowry’s Top 5 Best Selfie Tips

1. It's All About Lighting

Finding a large diffused light source is key to a flattering selfie. Try to face a window to avoid looking blown out or in shadow, or take outdoor shots at sunset.

2. Chin Down, Camera Up

Avoid pointing your chin up in order to elongate your jawline and conceal any double chin. Hold your phome with the bottom edge at eye level, and tilt your "better side" toward the camera. If you fight yourself in an "ussie" (a group photo) try to polightly fight for your angle. ;)

3. Know your Filter

Embrace the filter! Certain filters will make you sofer or more vibrant, and it's key to choose something that accentuates the softness or vibrancy of the picture.

4. Pay attention to the Background

Be picky with your background! Avoid anything messy or private like a bathroom, and make sure that no one is behind you trying to photobomb. Find something clean, vibrant, neutral, or interesting to pose next to.

5. Take More Than One

You deserve options, plain and simple.

6. Be Yourself.

As much as we love a good duckface (cheekbones much?) try to keep it natural! If you feel uncomfortable it tends to show, so just have fun showing off your beautiful self!