Mom-friendly flower and plants you should give to your mom this Mother's Day. For more DIY and recipe ideas, subscribe to our YouTube channel:

What Type of Flower Is Your Mom?


Perfect for: The classic mom

Characteristics: Epitomize enthusiasm, friendship, love, and your mom's natural grace.



Perfect for: The supportive and joyful mom

Characteristics: Exemplifies dedication and is ideal for your biggest fan (mom).



Perfect for: The loving mom

Characteristics: Signifies a declaration of love, perfect for your big-hearted mom.



Perfect for: The new mom

Characteristics: Represents youth and an adventurous spirit, fitting for your young free spirited mom.



Perfect for: The quiet mom

Characteristics: Express wisdom and hope, personifying your mom's dependable nature.



Perfect for: The graceful mom

Characteristics: Symbolize gentleness, dignity, and the noble nature of your mom.



Perfect for: The busy mom

Characteristics: Represents wisdom and stability, embodying the essence of a busy mom.



Perfect for: The strong mom

Characteristics: Indicative of new beginning and joy, perfect for your cheerful mom.



Perfect for: The modern mom

Characteristics: Symbolize refinement, charm, and are a perfect representation of your hard working mom.



Perfect for: The majestic mom

Characteristics: The bright colors of this flower match your mom's vibrant personality.



Perfect for: The cook

Characteristics: Represent usefulness and are fitting for a mom who loves to cook!


African Violets

Perfect for: The grandmother

Characteristics: Symbolizes charm and class, perfect for your sophisticated grandma.


Birds of Paradise

Perfect for: The adventurous

Characteristics: Represents the great out doors, and are ideal for a mom on the go!



Perfect for: The spiritual mom

Characteristics: Represents patience and self-awareness, excellent for your mystical mom.