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Home Is


As a Korean American living in Los Angeles, Jenn Im has a unique perspective on what home means to her. Get an insider look at Jenn Im's downtown loft as she relives her favorite memories. For more videos, subscribe to the Kin Community YouTube channel: http://bit.ly/BlogSubs

Jenn Im (Clothes Encounters) | Home Is

Jenn Im is a Los Angeles based vlogger who posts daily fashion, tutorials, and lifestyle advice videos. For her latest style musing and beauty hack videos subscribe to her YouTube channel Clothes Encounters.

Home is... "The place where I can 100% wind down. It's a place where I've got no makeup on....where I've got my big band T on and... a place where I can be as quiet or as loud as I want to be"


From growing up at home with her family...

Screen Shot 2016-11-11 at 2.45.12 PM

Jenn Im grew up in a suburb in Los Angeles county. As the daughter of two Korean immigrants her family followed certain customs around the house, like taking off their shoes before entering the home. Growing up, Jenn wasn't allowed to customize her room in any way.

"I never felt like I could express myself through my space so when I got to move out when I was 20 it was so liberating."

Her parents have influenced her sense of home, and a lot of her childhood house rules still resonate with Jenn today. When she was younger Jenn was never allowed to use a full paper towel sheet, she had to cut the paper towel in half or quarters and just use what was needed. Today, she's still in the habit of rationing paper towels.

"It's just funny how that habit has stuck with me today even though no on's supervising me anymore."

Being a Korean American, her family's New Year's Day tradition is throwing a big party at either her parent's or grandparent's house. A huge feast is made full of Teeokguk, a savory rice cake soup, and a mix of board and traditional Korean games.

To settling in downtown as an adult in Los Angeles...


Jenn moved into an apartment complex in downtown Los Angeles with her boyfriend when she was 20 years old. Now free to decorate her space however she wants, Jenn looks forward to getting down and dirty remodeling her apartment and updating furnishing.

"I get super excited over a couch or kitchen appliances - I think that's when you know you've reached a certain level of adulthood."

Although Jenn travels a lot, her daily skin care routine make her feel at home even if she's not physically there. Jenn feels most at home on her plush bed, with her boyfriend, or hanging out in her apartment in her most comfortable big band tee.


"I'm at an age where I understand why I act the way I do and I'm at peace with that. I feel comfortable in my own skin."

Jenn Im's Home Must Haves:


  1. Sippy cup - "I drink a lot of water and this is my favorite way to drink it."
  2. Velvet hangers - "They are a space saver and your clothes don't fall off."
  3. Plants - "They breathe life into your apartment."