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Tia Mowry's Quick Fix


Holiday season is about to kick into full gear. This means copious amounts of food, fun, and laughter! Here are Tia Mowry's top 10 ideas for creating family holiday traditions that will last a lifetime! Subscribe to Quick Fix: http://bit.ly/TMQuickFix

Top 10 Family Holiday Traditions

10 Ideas for Holiday Family Traditions

1. Garland of Thanks
This Thanksgiving tradition doubles as festive décor! All you need is some decorative paper, fall stickers, markers or pens, fun string, and clothespins- all of which you can get at a craft store! Have your Thanksgiving guests take a piece of paper and write what they are thankful for, and hang it on the string with a clothespin for a meaningful and beautiful decoration.

2. Family Christmas Cards
Sending out and receiving Christmas cards is such a fun part of the holiday season! Take your photos at Thanksgiving when you already have the entire family together and dressed up for the occasion.

3. Tree Trimming Traditions
Create traditions around the activity of trimming your tree! Sing Christmas carols, bake cookies, and spend quality time together.

4. Christmas Goals
Write down your personal goals for the year ahead while you are taking down your Christmas tree. Store the notes with your ornaments so that you can revisit them when you decorate your tree the following year!

5. 12 Days of Reading
A fun tradition to celebrate with kids, 12 Days of Reading involves unwrapping one new book each day in the 12 days leading up to Christmas. It also makes a great gift!

6. Encourage Giving
Take your kids to a toy store and have them pick out a gift for someone a few years younger than them. Then wrap these gifts and donate them to charity! The holiday season is all about giving, after all.

7. Scrapbook
Throughout the year, write down all the funny, quirky things your child says and put them into a jar. Before the holidays, take them all out and place them in a scrapbook to read out loud with family when they come to visit! It is sure to have everyone laughing.

8. Reindeer Food
Everyone puts out cookies for Santa, but what about the reindeer? Make a mixture of pumpkin seeds and oats to place out for them. Put the mixture in a mason jar for a fun hostess gift to bring everyone into the tradition!

9. Clean Out Day
December 1 is designated “clean out day”. Consider going through your kids’ toys with them and deciding what items they would like to donate to charity. This is about giving before getting and helps create a meaningful tradition.

10. Cookie Exchange Party
Invite your guests to bake and bring 24 of their favorite holiday cookies. Then, give everyone a fresh plate and let them mix and match to make a custom cookie platter that they get to take home with them!